BET’s Being Mary Jane actress Gabrielle Union and Miami Heat all-star Dwyane Wade have been happily married for almost two years but she has now revealed that he didn’t stand a chance at first.

Speaking in the latest issue of Ocean Drive, Union revealed that she used to joke about Wade being a “fetus” compared to her. She is nine years older than him. Their age difference was one of the reasons she said she “couldn’t take him seriously.”

But one day things suddenly changed.

“He finally wore me down,” she laughed. “It was very When Harry Met Sally. One day I just thought, Oh, I guess you could be an option.”

Still, in their earlier days she said their close friendship is what helped them to build a strong relationship and marriage.

“If you have good, effective, honest communication, you can handle any issue or problem in a relationship. D is literally my best friend. We really, really enjoy spending time with each other more than anybody else. Well, D, maybe I’m tied with LeBron!” she joked. “But I’m definitely his favorite female! If you have the chance to marry your best friend, I would highly recommend it.”

Wade also had children before they tied the knot. And Union said they were a factor in deciding to get married.

“The kids were the driving force in wanting us to be a legitimate, like real—and I’m using my finger quotes—family in their eyes. We got on board with it, and it’s the best decision we could have made—not just for us as a couple, but for our family.”

Still, while they are both all-stars in their career, she made it clear they aren’t too much different than the average family.

“One of D’s favorite things to do as a family is go to Walmart. We really enjoy Walmart, Target, going to the grocery store. He loves to take the dogs to the car wash…”

See what else she had to say in the full interview here.