Evelyn Lozada, formerly of VH1’s Basktetball Wives in Miami, has revealed a second tragic loss that she has experienced.

Lozada said in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine that she has suffered a second miscarriage with her fiancé, baseball star Carl Crawford. The two have one son, two-year-old Leo. together. She told the publication that of all days, she lost what would have been her and Crawford’s youngest child this past Thanksgiving.

“I was like, ‘This cannot be happening to my life again.’”

She added, “I was literally miscarrying my baby,” as they spent time with Crawford’s family. She didn’t let them know what was going on because she “didn’t want to dampen the mood.”

Lozada, who has a daughter, Shaniece, 23, from a previous relationship, added that her recent losses haven’t discouraged her from wanting to have more children.

“I love being a mom,” she said. “After two miscarriages, it makes me want to be a mom even more.”

Lozada got real about her first miscarriage on her new reality series Livin' Lozada on OWN. A scene between her and Shaniece revealed that Lozada knew the miscarriage was coming because her blood levels had dropped to a pretty scary level. It also showed how Shaniece responded to the news while she was doing a photo shoot. Lozada broke down in front of cameras and tried to stay positive.

“I’ve learned that there’s always something better to come. That’s what I hold on to…Okay it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Take a look.

Prayers for Lozada and her family.