Google 2016 Update: Search Giant To Challenge Competitors In Tech Hardware? [VIDEO]

The tech hardware market might be dominated by firms such as Apple, Amazon and Samsung right now, but another tech giant might be taking over the reins soon. Through the years, Google has slowly built up its hardware lineup, and considering the reception to its products, the time might come when Google would lead the hardware pack as well.

Google built its business with its flagship search engine. Indeed, Google Search is the firm's product which carried the company forward, ultimately making Google into a household name. As the firm's influence grew, Google also started creating its own hardware, in the form of its flagship Nexus phones and other tech innovations such as its low-price, low-maintenance Chromebook notebooks.

Right now, Google is behind two of the world's most highly-rated smartphones. The firm is also behind a leading smart thermostat, a line of extremely powerful tablets and notebooks, a top-of-the-line WiFi camera, and even a very futuristic-looking router. These products, of course, have only gotten more popular as time went by.

Unsurprisingly, Google seems to not be content with its current success. In fact, the firm seems to be focusing even more on its hardware business, with the firm allegedly developing a worthy challenger to Amazon's runaway hit, the home digital assistant, the Echo.

Apart from this, Google is also rumored to be developing its own virtual reality headset. Considering that the firm had already delved a bit into VR through its bare-bones $15 Google Cardboard viewer, Google's upcoming virtual reality headset, if it is indeed under development, is sure to be a very capable and popular device.

Thus, with its popular Chromecast device transforming old appliances into smart devices, and its other products ultimately coming together to power and run the home of the future, the time would probably come when Google does indeed dominate not only the Internet, but the tech hardware market as well.

Of course, this could only be good news for consumers. After all, with Google's aggressive strategy, competitors such as Apple and Samsung would surely be forced to develop innovative and competitive devices as well. In such a scenario, customers would always come out as the winners. 

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