Android On Chromebooks: A Combination Of Google's Two Operating Systems Is A Big Win For Consumers [VIDEO]

Google's Chromebook has enjoyed quite a lot of success over the years, thanks mainly to the devices' low maintenance, ease of use, as well as their relatively low price when compared to more full-fledged computers.

As much as Chromebooks have progressed, however, many consumers still feel that the Google-based devices still need something more to make themselves more attractive to users.

Now, Google has found a way to make the ubiquitous devices far more useful than before, with most models of the Chrome OS device are set to receive an update which allows the computers to run any Android application from the Chromebook itself.

Take note, Google is not just adding an emulator for Android apps on Chrome OS. Once the Google Play Store becomes available for Chrome OS devices, Android apps would be able to run full speed along any Chrome OS web apps. This means that thanks to Chrome OS' layout, users would actually be able to resize any open Android app that's currently open on the Chromebook's desktop.

With Android apps in tow, Chromebooks would become devices that are far more potent compared to when they started years ago. After all, a number of very useful and popular apps in Android are unavailable in Chrome OS. Take Skype, for example. Despite Chromebooks having all the necessary hardware to run the app, the Skype Web App for Chrome OS only supports chatting, severely crippling the app's usefulness.

With this new setup, however, Chromebooks would be able to get the best of what Android could offer. Thus, there's a possibility that even performance-enhancing apps, such as RAM cleaners and other similar applications, would start making Chrome OS devices run faster as well.

Chromebooks are in a unique place in the portable computing industry. In a lot of ways, the devices stand right in the middle of tablets and full-fledged laptops running Windows or Mac OSX. Nevertheless, they have, through the years, created a niche of their own.

With Android apps being made available for the devices, Chromebooks would become even more attractive for consumers than they currently are. 

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