With the iPhone 7 seemingly set to be released largely as an update to the iPhone 6S instead of a completely redesigned device, Apple fans are wondering if 2017's smartphone, which would be released on the 10th anniversary of the iconic phone, would be any better. Considering the most recent leaks, however, it does seem like 2017's iPhone would be well worth the wait.

Recent leaks have emerged stating that the iPhone 8 (or 7S, as some are speculating) would feature an all-glass design. What was particularly interesting about this rumor was the fact that it was all but confirmed by a major Apple supplier. Thus, Apple fans would probably not be disappointed to see an all-glass design for next year's device.

However, the rumors to do end there. According to the most recent speculations, Apple is also working on revamping the front of the device radically, adopting a dual curve display, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge. With rumors that the 2017 iPhone would be doing away with screen edges, releasing a device with a curved screen does make sense.

However, it would be largely out of character for Apple to do this, as well. After all, Apple has largely been a trend-setter when it comes to the designs of its device. Notably, the metal unibody construction of the iPhone 6 was largely responsible for the wave of equally-appealing and ultimately similar-looking devices from other manufacturers.

Though manufacturers such as HTC were already utilizing a similar design even before the iPhone 6 came out, the massive boom in the design among smartphone makers happened after Apple released its device. Thus, while it is true that Apple's own design was inspired by another smartphone, the majority of manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon only after Apple committed to the design.  

The all-glass design was utilized by Apple back when its flagships were the iPhone 4 and 4S. Recently, however, the design has seen a resurgence thanks to flagships from Samsung such as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

If Apple does release an iPhone with a curved display next year, Apple fans would finally catch up with the best its main rival has to offer.