Jamie Dornan, Amelia Warner Update: Critics Comparing The Couple To The Kardashians [VIDEO]

Forget those rumors that say Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner's marriage is going down the toilet, because it looks like they are anywhere but close to the truth. In fact, the paparazzi-shy couple were spotted enjoying what looked like a romantic date together in Vancouver this past weekend.

Dornan and Warner were forced to spend several months apart, as Warner reportedly gave birth to the couple's second child earlier this year in London, with the actor having to fly out to Vancouver shortly after. He's spent the last several months in the Canadian city filming back-to-back movies of the next several 50 Shades installments.

According to the Daily Mail over the weekend, the two didn't show any signs of distress during a rare date night, in which they bicycled to the beach and enjoyed a sushi dinner under the stars.

Yet, not everyone seems to be convinced that all is well in their marriage as some critics commented on the photos with, "For those that say that these photos are 'INTRUSIVE' and that they should be left alone, let me tell you that they are STAGED and PAID FOR!!! It's been like this for the past 5 or so weeks!! If you don't believe, look them up right here in DM. They are PR stunts (Jamie's PR) to divert attention from something they are trying to hide and as part of this crisis management situation (divorce rumors since 2015), they are trying to portray that they have a 'romantic, happy, & solid marriage.'"

Another critic wrote, "Someone mentioned Jamie not having his ring on, if you look at his wife right hand, you'll notice she had it on. I'm sure she is keeping it safe for him. She has her ring on her left hand, and Jamie's on her right hand. I'm sure Jamie is the one who asked her, her mom and the children to be there since Jamie is clearly the one who is the man in this marriage."

One even went as far as comparing the couple to the Kardashians by saying, "Jamie, staging papz pics almost twice a week make you another Kardashian family only. Better spend your money and time on some good acting classes to improve your wooden acting," and "Look the new Kardashians taking over, always on pap walks!"

So far neither Dornan nor Warner have made any comments about the criticism. Dornan's latest film, Anthropoid, hits the box office later this summer.

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