Cristiano Ronaldo News 2016: News Outlet Questions The Soccer Player’s Sexual Orientation [VIDEO]

Can't a guy just hang out on a yacht with his friends these days? Apparently not, as there's a new report that says one German publication apparently questioned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo's sexual orientation simply because he was vacationing in Ibiza with a group of his male friends on board his yacht last week.

According to Yahoo Sports UK, Ronaldo--who is currently single--enjoyed a little fun in the sun with his friends before preparing for the Euro 2016 Championships with his Portgual teammates. Yet, German paper Bild somehow suggested that Ronaldo and his friends were enjoying each other's company so well, that they didn't need to have any females on board with them.

The paper reportedly wrote in German, "On the boat there is absolute woman doldrums - rather, the boys sizzle among themselves" and also added, "Women? Wrong! Captain Ronaldo and his guys are self-sufficient."


A few Yahoo! readers commented on the controversy with, "There's a few homosexual players in the premier league, maybe if the best came out then the rest would follow & we can all move on," along with, "There are gay lawyers, doctors, teachers, cooks, nurses, dustman, builders - why not footballers?"

Another critic wrote, "I don't think many people think he's straight anyway, lol! But how does his sexual orientation affect his ability to kick a ball?!"

So far Ronaldo himself has not commented on the report.

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