It looks like Rita Ora definitely knows what's up, especially when it comes to her ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris. The singer apparently revealed that she not only "never stopped loving" the chart topper, but that she also predicted that he would eventually break up with his now ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

One source close to the blonde beauty says that even though Rita is rumored to be hooking up with Justin Bieber these days, she still has her sights set on Calvin, especially now that he's single. He recently broke up with Taylor Swift after it was rumored that she might have been hooking up with Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston while the two were still seeing each other.

"Rita has never stopped loving Calvin and felt he was hasty splitting up with her and was always swayed by gossip rather than facts," a source told Britain's Look magazine's print edition this week. "She thinks he only dated Taylor Swift because he was on the rebound from her and wants to remind him of everything they had together..."

The insider added, "Rita knew things were going downhill for (Calvin and Taylor)," the first sourced added. "She wasn't surprised when they broke up. She knows the fame game winds him up and that he must have found that life difficult."

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