He is finally returning to San Francisco to see Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez) take the plunge and marry his boyfriend Eddie (Daniel Franzese), but Patrick (Jonathan Groff) could wind up further entangling his own complicated and messy love life in the Looking movie.

In the first trailer for the movie, which wraps up the story of the show that was canceled after two seasons, Patrick returns to the city he left behind for his friend's wedding, but it doesn't take long after his return before he is faced with his own relationship demons in the form of Richie (Raul Castillo) and Kevin (Russell Tovey).

"I went away to Colorado and everything was out of sight, out of mind. Now I'm back and there it all is," he says to Dom (Murray Bartlett) in the trailer.

"There what is?" Dom asks.

"Everything I thought I dealt with," Patrick replies.

Sure enough, it won't be long before he starts being forced to look back on, and perhaps look into, what went wrong in both of his former relationships, and as he reflects he could start thinking that someone else may actually be the perfect fit for him.

"It would be nice to suddenly find something that makes sense," he says.

However, the person he may believe makes sense won't be either of his past paramours, and could wind up being Dom instead.

"So what if we got together now?" He asks Dom. "Maybe this has been staring us in the face this whole time."

For his part though, Dom seems pretty sure that Patrick just doesn't want to face the truth about himself, and appears to shut him down.

"You are actually scaring me right now," he laughs.

After potentially being rebuffed there, Patrick then may decide to rethink where his relationships went wrong, starting with possibly confronting how he really felt when he hooked up with Kevin, even if it means breaking his heart.

"Were you ever actually in love with me?" Kevin asks.

Looking: The Movie premieres Sunday July 23 on HBO.