iPhone 7 News And Rumors: Why Apple's Decision To Remove Headphone Jack Might Be A Big Mistake [VIDEO]

Recent leaks of the iPhone 7 have all but confirmed the removal of the headphone jack for Apple's upcoming flagship device, with multiple images coming from seemingly legitimate sources confirming that the next iPhone would indeed feature only a Lightning connector. As much as the decision to drop the traditional 3.5mm headphone hack is quite a breakthrough, however, it is, also quite a big risk for Apple.

In a lot of ways, the headphone jack's removal would free up space on a device that is already extremely thin and sleek. Indeed, fans are speculating that my removing the analog jack from the upcoming device, Apple would be able to add better speakers on the iPhone 7.

Apart from this, using the Lightning connector as the port for headphones would also enable Apple to explore options that would ultimately lead to better audio quality. A huge part of a mobile device's audio quality lies in the amplifier. With a device utilizing the Lightning connector, the amplifier could be moved to the headphones themselves, saving space and offering manufacturers with more audio options.

However, it is also important to note that 3.5mm jacks have been the standard in audio for decades. While defying convention is something that Apple has always been famous for, removing something as iconic as the headphone jack might be a bit too far for users.

Plus, removing the headphone jack would most probably result in Apple selling Lightning to 3.5mm adaptors to consumers after the iPhone 7 gets released. True to form, these adapters usually have the tendency to get lost. Plus, Apple is also known for making its accessories quite expensive.

Thus, while Apple might be going for another breakthrough with the removal of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7, it might be a bit too early for such as change. After all, even the best audio firms in the world such as Shure are still manufacturing headsets, some even going for more than $1,000, which are utilizing the 3.5mm jack.

Indeed, Apple might end up trying to fix something that is not broken in the first place. 

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