Former child star Macaulay Culkin has popped up in the UK, hitting the radars after an altercation with paparazzi.

According to the Daily Mail, Culkin was exiting a nightclub in Brighton when the incident took place. The 32-year-old reportedly became angry when leaving The Haunt and lashed out at a photographer, telling him to "go to hell."

The star has been traveling with friend and musician Adam Green, reports E!. Green, one half of The Moldy Peaches duo, has been touring across the UK with singer Binki Shapiro of Little Joy. Culkin, who also does work as a DJ, has been traveling, and occasionally performing, with the pair.

Earlier in the week Culkin was in London where the Home Alone star didn't give off the impression of being completely together.

"I didn't recognise him at first - I thought it was some homeless guy who was scrounging a smoke," Mareley Spindley told the Mirror. "We had a brief chat with him and his accent was American. It was only then that [friend] Drew asked if he was Macaulay Culkin. Even then I wasn't convinced. I'm no expert, but he didn't seem all there."

Last summer Culkin was hit by rumors that he was addicted to heroin following pictures in which he looked decidedly unhealthy. While the star looks healthier now, omg! reports that his rep had no comment as to his behavior last night.