While rumors are abounding that Apple would finally be retiring the 16GB model of the iPhone with the upcoming iPhone 7, millions of the device's users still struggle to survive on the device's very limited storage space. Thriving with a 16GB iPhone is pretty tricky, but it is not impossible.

Here are some great tips to help you survive, and maybe even thrive, with your 16GB iPhone.

Maximize Use of Default Apps

The iPhone ships with a number of stock apps from Apple, and though these apps are usually outperformed by third-party applications, they nonetheless consume valuable space. Thus, as much as you can, try to use as much of your 16GB iPhone's default applications. After all, it's not like apps like Mail or Safari are not feature-rich. Apart from being optimized for the iPhone, these apps consume practically no space, since they're bundled with the device anyway.

Stream More, Store Less

One of the biggest culprits of a 16GB iPhone would be media in the form of songs and movies. While these are great to have while on the go, these files consume a lot of a 16GB phone's storage. Thus, as much as possible, stream the media that you would like to consume instead of downloading and storing them on the device. While these might result in your cellular data being consumed, streaming services are now starting to develop workarounds for data usage, such as Netflix's data manager.

Don't Shoot Videos in 4K

Just like downloading videos and music, shooting clips in 4K consumes a ridiculous amount of space from your device. If you shoot 4K video using a 16GB iPhone, you can rest assure that your storage would run out very, very fast. Tweak your camera settings and set the video to 1080p. That's still HD, and it consumes far less space.

Maximizing a 16GB device is all about management. If you are smart about your apps and the way you handle your iPhone's storage, you might never see that annoying pop-up stating that your device is running out of space, ever again.