iPhone 7 News And Rumors: Iconic Home Button To Receive New Functionalities? [VIDEO]

Though the iPhone 7 appears to be a device that would be underwhelming to most, a recent leak seems to be suggesting that Apple might very well have an ace up its sleeve on this year's edition of the company's best-selling product.

According to new rumors, the iPhone 7 might end up having a completely redesigned front panel. How does Apple intend to do this? Simple - by ditching the device's iconic Home button. Doing so would add a completely new dimension to the iPhone, which has been a bit too conventional over the past years.

Indeed, it has been quite a number of years since Apple radically redesigned its iPhone. In fact, the idea of Apple designing the iPhone 7 as a device that is practically identical as its last two iterations have been the source of much flak concerning the iPhone 7's alleged design. These notions stem from leaks and images which state that the iPhone 7 would have the exact same footprint as the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S.

By ditching the Home button, however, Apple would be able to make the iPhone 7 unique in its own way. If any, it would make the iPhone 7 completely discernible from its last two predecessors - something that would be an ideal selling point for the device. After all, Apple needs to make the iPhone 7 very attractive to its fans in order to save the device's currently struggling sales.

According to the leak, the redesigned Home button would be completely flush to the screen. It would also be touch-sensitive, which means that the new Home button would be utilizing the iPhone 6S' 3D Touch technology.

While the redesigned Home button would definitely make the iPhone 7 distinct from its predecessors, the redesign would actually serve the device in a number of very practical ways. For one, ditching the Home button actually would make the device durable since the lone front panel button is known to be one of the first things to break in an iPhone.

Also, removing the Home button would make the device far easier to waterproof, something that the iPhone 7 would allegedly offer.

While these leaks could not really be confirmed right now, Apple would be wise to follow-up on this design. After all, its biggest competitors such as HTC and other high-end Android smartphones have already adopted the technology, to much acclaim from users. 

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