Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ending: Microsoft Dashes To Finish Line, Makes Prompts Full Screen [VIDEO]


As the free upgrade period for Windows 10 ends, Microsoft is definitely stepping up their game on persuading its user base to adopt its new operating system. In the tech giant's latest initiative, the now-infamous upgrade to Windows 10 notification would be a full-screen prompt, encouraging users to finally opt for the upgrade, while the cost is still free.

The full-screen prompt, which is headed by a "Sorry to interrupt" notification, practically forces users to select between the options of upgrading their machines at once or to be reminded at a later time. If the "Remind me later" option is selected, the full-screen prompt would come back every 72 hours, until such time as the user decides to upgrade, or forego Windows 10 altogether.

Apart from the two options, however, two other links are featured on the full-screen notification, with an option that says "Notify me three more times" and, possibly the one option that Windows 10 critics have been waiting for since the free upgrade was rolled out, one that states "Do not notify me again."

As could be deduced by the option, selecting "Do not notify me again" would enable users to fully get rid of the upgrade notification altogether. However, Microsoft has continued to warn users that foregoing the upgrade would result in inconveniences in the future.

For one, the tech giant has once more asserted that the free Windows 10 upgrade would not be around forever. In fact, the special upgrade period ends later this month, on July 29. After that date, upgrading to Windows 10 would cost users $120, the actual selling price of Microsoft's newest operating system.

What is particularly considerate about the new notification is that it would not appear on computers belonging to users with incompatible devices. Also, the notification would not be initiated on machines that have previously attempted to upgrade to Windows 10, and failed. With these parameters set, at least, the inconvenience of the full-screen prompt would be curbed significantly.

Windows 10 is Microsoft's latest desktop operating system. While lauded for its features, the company's drive to ensure widespread adoption of the new OS has been criticized widely for being too aggressive. Recently, Microsoft paid a fine of $10,000 for upgrading a woman's work computer to Windows 10, and rendering the machine unusable. 

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