Bow Wow has shared a very intimate and shocking portion of his past in which he considered ending his life.

In a candid interview with DJ Vlad of VLAD TV, Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, opened up about contemplating committing suicide.
“I was in a dark space,” he said. “Right around that third album. I was done.”

As for why, he reason was pretty surprising.

“Because I’ve done everything. I’ve been everywhere 3 times 4 times again. I’ve been everywhere. Done everything. There’s not a girl I ain’t smash, it ain’t a place I ain’t been, a hotel room I ain’t stayed in, there ain’t a car I ain’t drove.”

It’s no secret that Bow Wow has an extensive list of women, especially celebrities, that he has been linked to in the past.

But he stayed coy about whether Kim Kardashian was ever one of those women. He said he didn’t want to speak on it because of his respect for her husband Kanye West. Still, he had a tough rule for women who did spend the night with him. He would take away their cell phones and make them sign a non-disclosure agreement.

“We don’t want to give ‘Baller Alert’ traction,” he said. “Because as soon as a girl catch me in the house doing some s*** all they have to do is hashtag Baller Alert and Shade Room and they are going to post it.”

Check out the full interview below.