'Grimm' Season 6: What Is This Fall's 'Big Mystery'? EP Reveals Nick's Next Conundrum [VIDEO]

The shining hope of the Scooby Gang is not all it's cracked up to be. Grimm's magical healing stick saved more than one life in the season 5 finale, but Nick and Monroe's miraculous find will sour as season 6 begins.

Grimm's heroes finally stitched together the map of the Seven Knights last spring, a revelation that sent the monster hunter questing into the heart of the Black Forest. Although his discovery quickly proved pivotal to the survival of Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) and Eve/Juliette (Elizabeth Tulloch), Nick's (David Giuntoli) big secret will have a fallout he never saw coming.

"[It] won't be long," before the stick's negative properties rear their ugly heads, series creator David Greenwalt told EnStars at last week's San Diego Comic-Con.

"That's the very big mystery of the season. You're going to see a lot of repercussions, but what is that, where does it come from, how did it get there. They buried it for a reason, for sure."

Nick, meanwhile, will have to decide weather or not to let the rest of his squad in on the big secret. If Greenwalt's teasers are anything to go by, the Grimm might not have a choice in the matter.

"Nick and the Scooby Gang are still discovering the potential of this stick, right along with the viewers," Giuntoli told TV Insider. "Nick survived a barrage of bullets through his chest and only he knows he's invincible at this point. But we don't know much more, like what kind of evil this stick could be used for if it falls into the wrong hands. He just puts that crazy stick back in his pocket. Is he going to tell the rest of the gang? We'll see."

Has Nick just compounded a dangerous situation, or will the stick ultimately work to his advantage? Find out more when Grimm returns to NBC this fall.

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