Florida UFO Week: 5 Sightings Reported, Men In Black Allegedly Deployed [VIDEO]

UFO sightings have been quite numerous in the United States over the last few months, though one particular state experienced more sightings than usual. Over the last week alone, Florida became the site of five or more UFO sightings, with residents across the state reporting mysterious objects in the sky.

Some of the witnesses of the previous week's Florida sightings have been able to film the mysterious objects that they spotted. While some of the footage acquired by the witnesses could easily have been something else, there are a few which UFO aficionados have been unable to explain.

One of the witnesses, who was with his son when they saw more than five strange flying objects hovering in the sky in their area, reported his experience to the Mutual UFO Network, better known on the internet as MUFON, which is arguably the world's most expansive UFO investigation group.

According to reports, the Florida man's account was supported by other residents in the area, who stated that they saw the mysterious flying objects as well. Some of the man's supporters allegedly even offered some additional footage of the object.

However, things turned a little dark after that.

According to the Florida man, who has opted to remain anonymous, he was visited by the notorious Men in Black shortly after he released his story to MUFON. The man further stated that the mysterious government agents have sternly demanded that he keep quiet. Due to the man reporting the incident to MUFON, however, the Men in Black allegedly came back twice, intimidating him and his family.

While the validity of the Florida man's story might be up for question, there is no denying that there has been a notable rise in the number of UFO sightings being recorded across the globe this year. If there's anything that is sure, it is that there are some mysterious things happening in Florida recently. 

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