AVN Awards News: 'South Park' Creators Apparently Took Acid At Racy Ceremony [VIDEO]


A bizarre fact was revealed about the guys who created South Park when they attended the raciest award ceremony known to mankind.

On Friday, Cracked posted details from Trey Parker and Matt Stone who are famous for creating the iconic and controversial cartoon series. When the guys attended the AVN Awards, they apparently thought it would be fun to take some LSD.

"We dosed at the AVN Awards," Stone said. "These are porn's equivalent of the Oscars...except saying there is way more cleavage would be an understatement. But they do have similarities, like an endless parade of people you don't know and you don't care about standing up and saying stuff that only is going to be interesting if they p-ss everyone off saying it."

During their time at the event, the two guys were pretty out of it and did what they could to keep the night entertaining.

"So we are tripping balls, and Trey and I decide we are about to win every single award," Stone said. "We would take a few steps toward the podium already busting out our speeches to anyone that would listen."

And of course, the guys didn't get awards that come with pretty odd titles and do in fact exist.

"Wouldn't you know it?...someone else would always win that Best Bottom in a Gay Gang Bang or whatever, and we would have to storm back to the table, disgruntled losers due to a win," Stone said. "Then the next ones would start getting announced, and again, we were back on our way up to certain triumph for Best Dildo Mold Makers or whatever."

The next AVN Award ceremony is expected to take place this January in Las Vegas.

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