Amber Portwood And Matt Baier: 'Teen Mom OG' Farrah Abraham Slams The Couple [VIDEO]


Farrah Abraham informed her co-star, Amber Portwood, that her fiance, Matt Baier, had flirted with her on Twitter prior to their relationship on last week's Teen Mom OG, but unfortunately, Portwood didn't take the news too well.

Although Portwood seemed to be thankful to Abraham at first, she changed her tune during a conversation with Baier.

“Farrah called me a few days ago,” Portwood said, according to a Radar Online report on Friday. “I feel like she kind of pushes things that don’t need to be pushed.”

"She’s a habitual line stepper," Baier alleged. "Any attention is good attention as far as she’s concerned and that’s fine. But don’t drag me into it, don’t drag her into it. We considered her a friend. She’s dead to me right now!”

In response to the scene, Abraham told Radar, “I feel sorry for Amber. She is manipulated by a scam artist and Matt even knows he’s an idiot. In all honesty, they can take their disgusting relationship and stay the f**k away from me!”

“It seems to me she’s chosen a man boy over her daughter and now I see why Gary [Shirley] has Leah,” she continued. “I don’t care to hear about Amber’s custody issues as it’s clear what she chose — not to be a full-time mom.”

“Watching this season of Teen Mom OG is a joke,” she added. “They have some random guy acting like their friend, talking about Matt’s sobriety yet [he’s] drinking, and has crazy tattoos of Twitter handles. There’s warning signs all around Matt.”

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