When you think of a quintessential Kardashian look, your mind probably wanders to neutral layers. Maybe a skintight midi skirt or an oversized fur coat.

Let's get real: the most badass Kardashian-Jenner isn't Kylie and her Pumas, or Khloe and those second-skin dresses she prefers. No, the real OG Kardashian is actually a West, and we're not talking about Kanye.

North West is bar-none the single most well-dressed toddler on the planet. Does she pick out her outfits herself? Do her parents? Does a stylist? Who knows and frankly, who cares -- the tot has more style cred than most street style stars, and she's a fraction of their age.

From pairing slip dresses and sneakers (Yeezys, no less) to tutus and bomber jackets, North has earned herself a place on everyone's Best Dressed Lists well before she even knew the difference between Balmain and Givenchy.

If you've been dying to copy the tot's style (and can't afford the baby Balenciaga she usually wears) try one of the below looks.

Take a cue from North's ballerina-inspired style by pairing a silky babydoll over a plain white tee. Don't forget your kicks -- and if they're Yeezy boosts, points to you.
North might not be a 90s baby, but she definitely pays homage to the decade with camo prints and oversized silhouettes. Pair a sleeveless cream turtleneck with a pair of high-waisted, distressed straight-leg jeans. Again, don't forget those sneakers -- comfort is as important to North as is a hugh bun and a perma-scowl.
Finally, if your inner North is destined to spend the night out (or hit up a red carpet event, as toddlers are wont to do) partner your fluffiest faux-fur with a black or navy jumpsuit. Doc Martens add a kickass feel and will make it easy to stay on your feet all night (or until the Kimye of your friend group feels like it's time to bounce.)
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