Michael Phelps News 2016: Did Gold Medalist Know His 'PhelpsFace' Would Become Viral? [VIDEO]

In addition to his five new gold medals, Michael Phelps also won the unofficial title of Best Face at the Olympics - a face he is standing by to this day.

Phelps provided for many memorable moments during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, but perhaps none were more memorable than the angry/in the zone face he made while preparing for an upcoming race. The face was caught on camera, an a new internet meme was born.

Phelps appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday night and talked about the infamous face, admitting that he even knew at the time that it would be caught on camera.

"The worst is -- I was sitting in the ready room and I remember, like I always know there's always two cameras in the upper right hand corner, right before we walk out, and I'm just sitting there, spitting water," he explained to host Jimmy Fallon. "As I'm making a face, I'm like, 'Yep, that's on camera...someone will pick that up tomorrow.'"

Fallon brought out a cardboard cutout of the #PhelpsFace, prompting uproarious laughter from the audience. The host noted that the face suggested to him, "Not only is he going to beat me at swimming, he's going to murder me."

On a more serious note, Phelps also spoke about the Rio experience, which was a pleasant one for him especially when considering all the negative reports written before the Olympics.

"Every year there's something that everyone writes about and talks about before you get there. I thought it was great, the people were awesome. They did the best they could," Phelps said. "The people were so supportive of all of us. They were excited in the stands, they were excited in the village."

Unfortunately for many of his fans, this was the last Olympics for Phelps. However, he did go out on top with five gold medals, an especially impressive feat given he is 31 years of age, which is considered beyond athletic prime for a swimmer.

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