'Pokemon GO' News: Niantic Migrates Nests & Spawn Spots, Splits Players [VIDEO]

Numerous Pokemon GO players received a very big surprise recently after Niantic seemingly migrated Pokemon nests and spawn areas worldwide. The change was reported by a number of gamers who noticed that common spawn areas in their vicinity were releasing different Pokemon than before.

Pokemon Nest, Spawn Area Migration

The migration of Pokemon nests across the globe has been reported by numerous players of the popular augmented reality game. One of them, a Reddit user who goes by the username BiggaThanLife, stated that his house, which is a spawn area, now releases Dratinis and Ghastlys, instead of the usual Ratatas and Pidgeys.

With this change, a number of Pokemon GO players have extended their thanks to Niantic. After all, with nests and spawn areas being migrated, players who have been buried in a deluge of Zubats and Ratatas would be able to capture some new creatures. Coupled with the upcoming Buddy System, the nest and spawn area migration comes as very welcome news.

Migration A Problem For Some Players

While news of the nest and spawn area migration has been embraced by numerous players, some Pokemon GO users have complained that the migration of nests has made Pokemon farming a lot more difficult and downright tedious. Thus, by having to look for other nests and spawn areas, precious grinding time gets allegedly wasted.

What irked a number of players were the fact that Niantic has been pretty silent about the migration update. According to some players, had the develop only announced the change beforehand, it would have avoided much of the confusion that resulted from the sudden changes.

What Players Can Do

If players find that their favorite nest or spawn area has migrated, avid Pokemon GO players suggest that asking for help within the Pokemon GO community would be a pretty good idea. The SilphRoad subreddit, for one, provides several community-created maps where the most recent spawn spots and nests have been reported. 

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