The single good thing about being an adult and not a kid is that you don't have to deal with that dreadful "back to school after summer break" feeling. It's soul-crushing: Your old friends always did cooler stuff than you the past few months, your new teachers are lame and your class schedule can't get worse. But at least it's almost Christmas break, right?

Here are the 6 things that are the absolute worst about heading back to class:

1) Icebreakers. Two truths and a lie? Say your name and your favorite book? How are you supposed to figure out something remotely interesting about yourself when you have no more than a few seconds to do it? Also, icebreakers are basically a litmus test to figuring out how much of a punk everyone else in your class is.

2) Having a set lunchtime. The best part about summer is the freedom to stuff your face at any given moment throughout the day. Now, you have to sit through a lecture hall and attempt to socialize before you can sneak in mediocre cafeteria pizza.

3) Finding out everyone did awesome stuff this summer. All you did the past three months is figure out how to get the most out of your burrito order at Chipotle. 

4) Lying about what you did all summer. "Oh, I don't have Instagrams from Greece because I wanted to preserve the moment.

5) Having to pretend to be social. You spent all summer cooped up in your room avoiding the world, and coming face-to-face with it is about as fun as getting a root canal.

6) Having to put on clothes with zippers and buttons. After spending the summer in leggings and the rattiest denim cutoffs you own, looking like half a person isn't exactly high up on your agenda.