How To Lighten Your Hair Quickly: This Wand Will Magically Transform Your Locks

I have a very intimate relationship with bleach.

I've been dying my hair since I was 16, but been actively bleaching it on-and-off for a little over three years. I have naturally black hair and blonde ambition, which means that bleach runs in my veins. Well, hopefully not, but you know what I mean.

My initial initiation to blonde life wasn't as quick as Kylie Jenner's day-long double process. I spent nearly a year going back and forth with my colorist, continuously lightening my jet-black first to a honey blonde, then an ashy shade until finally settling on a badass platinum. I had brief stints with gray hair and even a pink ombre, but neither color stayed -- I was always meant to be a blonde. At least, that's what I keep telling myself every five weeks when I drop some serious dough.

If you're itching to go blonde but get freaked out by the idea of spending all day (or longer) in the salon, there's finally something out there that can speed up the process without inflicting further damage on your hair.

Hair care brand Pravana launched the Pravana Hair Wand, a contraption that magically poofs your hair seven levels in a few seconds.

Nothing Harry Potter-y about this magic: The wand is used in conjuction with Pure Light Créme Lightener, which is applied to the hair and then placed in foils. The wand then glides over the foils. Et voila, lighter hair! It damages your hair less than plain Jane dye, because the lightener is only in your hair for seconds at a time.

As blonde girls know, this process isn't made to be DIY-ed. The wand is only available in salons starting October. Additionally, it's targeted to be used for highlights and not all-over dye jobs.

Still, to blonde girls looking to get some more dimension in their hair, this is a great (and super fast) option.

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