Kylie, will you ever learn?

To Jonathan Simkhai's spring/summer show, Kylie Jenner paired her freshly-dyed platinum hair with a white do-rag. Why, Kylie, why?!

Everyone seems to be freaking out because of it. Here's the issue: Do-rags are typically worn by black men between trips to the barber, according to the Wall Street Journal. Kylie wearing one--whether she intended it to be a harmless part of her look or not--is cultural appropriation.

It wouldn't be the first time King Kylie was accused of appropriating. The teen first got flack when she Instagrammed herself with cornrows last year. She then wore hair extensions traditionally used by women of color that want some added length in their braids.

Naturally, Twitter wasn't having it.

The bigger issue isn't Kylie using a do-rag to make a statement (or because it goes with her outfit, we'll never know). Rather, it's the fact that Kylie (along with her sisters) make a habit of appropriating black culture and yet never use their massive platform and fan base to actually shed light on African-American social issues. Picking and choosing the parts you like about a culture and wearing it like a costume or as part of a gag is insensitive at best. Case in point--"Native American" feather headdresses worn all over Coachella. 

Next time, Kylie, maybe rethink that do-rag. Or, you know, just hire a stylist that'll tell you that it's not OK.