Here's the thing: Sarah Hyland has indisputably great style. This is fact, and one I realized way too late when she wore a freakin' floor-length peplum top and tailored pants to the Emmys. She managed to make the outfit look both whimsical and badass, which is hardly an easy feat.

However, her sartorial shining moment from the Emmys is just the tip of the iceberg. Sarah Hyland always knew proportions and how to rock a well-tailored piece.

Here are her five best sartorial moments:

Now THAT'S how you do a midriff cutout.

That neckline makes her appear infinitely more sophisticated, which is certainly not a bad thing.

This is proof that you can show skin and still look put-together. The trick is in the tailored pieces: They hug but don't cling to her body.

The actress doesn't shy away from major drama. Is it something about the Emmy's?

A simple, slinky black dress pairs well with a necklace draped over your back.