If there is something that Apple certainly proved with its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus release, it is the notion that it is an industry leader that can pull off feats that would otherwise be impossible. After all, there are very few tech companies in the world that can offer a 3-year-old design at a premium price and still succeed.

Next year's iPhone, the iPhone 8, should arguably be Apple's most important smartphone ever. With the device being the symbol of the smartphone line's 10-year journey, a lot is riding on the iPhone 8's shoulders. If rumors are to be believed, however, it seems like Apple is indeed taking the iPhone 8 very seriously.

While it is certainly pretty early to speculate about the iPhone 8, the significance of the device is something that is very hard to ignore. Thus, despite the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus getting officially released just a few weeks ago, the rumors about the iPhone 8 are already abounding.

The iPhone 8 is speculated to carry much of the improvements that Apple fans have been clamoring for since the days of the iPhone 6. Among these include a radically different design, a more intuitive user interface, and a number of features that have never before been included in the iPhone range.

Topping these features would be a Quad-HD OLED display, which Apple's rivals have already explored. Though the iPhone was the golden standard for screen resolution before, it has now significantly lagged behind its competitors such as Samsung, LG and Sony.

Apart from an improved display, the iPhone 8 is also rumored to sport a unique Liquidmetal frame. Liquidmetal is a proprietary material that is almost glasslike and extremely tough at the same time.

A recent leak from an alleged Apple employee from the tech giant's Israel branch has also stated that the iPhone 8 would come with yet another revolutionary camera, much like the iPhone 7 Plus' dual camera system that is capable of providing optical zoom.

The iPhone 8 has no release date for now, but speculations are high that Apple might unveil the 10th anniversary iPhone on June 29, 2017, exactly 10 years since the first iPhone was introduced to the market.