iPad Mini 5 Rumors: March Release Date Expected [VIDEO]

The iPad Mini is one of Apple's more demure offerings. With a relatively low price point and more midrange than flagship specs, the Mini is a product that targets a demographic that is quite different from Apple's usual consumer base.

Regardless of this, however, the iPad Mini has been a massive success, with the device enjoying much success over the years. Its latest incarnation, the iPad Mini 4, already packs a lot of punch, and now that a year has passed since it launched, rumors are abounding about the possibility of a successor being unveiled soon.

iPad Mini 5 Release Date

Apple has so far not confirmed the existence or even the development of the iPad Mini 5. However, considering the fact that the iPad Mini 4 was launched more than a year ago, speculations are high that the device would soon be announced. With Apple seemingly gearing up for a massive October event for its updated 2016 MacBook Pro, numerous fans are speculating that the iPad Mini 5 would also be announced in the event.

If the tech giant does mention the powerful little tablet on its October event, there is a good chance that Apple might officially release the device in March 2017. This is because, as seen earlier this year, Apple seems to be making March an iPad-focused event. Last March, Apple released the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and it would not be surprising at all if Apple chooses to do something very similar to the iPad Mini 5.

iPad Mini 5 Rumors

Numerous rumors have emerged about the iPad Mini 5, and though Apple has not confirmed any of them to date, the speculations are very interesting so far. For one, the device is rumored to be packing powerful internals, possibly along the levels of the iPad Air 2, as well as new innovations such as the absence of a headphone jack and waterproof capabilities.

The device is also said to be thinner and stronger, with Apple using the same material the tech giant used in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. If these rumors are proven true, then Apple might very well have another winning device on its hands. 

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