iOS 10 Jailbreak News: Pangu, Other Hackers Still Silent, Did Apple Finally Curb Cracked Devices Once And For All? [VIDEO]

Apple's battle against jailbreaking teams has reached a new, interesting chapter. With popular teams such as Pangu and TaiG unable to release working jailbreak tool since iOS 10 was rolled out by the tech giant, it appears that Apple might have finally curbed jailbreaking once and for all.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tools

Apple's latest mobile OS, iOS 10, has proven very difficult to crack, so much so that the world's most prominent iOS hackers such as the Pangu team from China have been unable to fully exploit the system. Though independent iOS hackers such as Luca Tedesco have released statements saying that they have successfully jailbroken an iPhone running iOS 10, a fully workable jailbreak tool is yet to be revealed to the public.

This has caused numerous iOS 10 users to feel somewhat disappointed. After all, the wait for an iOS jailbreak tool has been very significant. In Pangu's case the group has not released a working jailbreak tool in months, prior to the last iOS 9 update was released.

Apple Winning Battle Against Jailbreakers?

One thing that has been very notable thus far is Apple's chosen strategy to curb the jailbreaking threat to its devices. In a lot of ways, the tech giant's strategy has been very simple, and yet, it has been extremely effective as well.

Since Apple released iOS 10 to the public, the tech giant has simply made it a point to roll out updates in a pace that was far quicker than before. Thus, only weeks since the original iteration of iOS 10 rolled out, iOS 10.1 was released. Right now, less than a month since the iPhone 7 was unveiled, the new mobile OS is now at version 10.2.

This has made it extremely difficult for jailbreaking groups such as Pangu and TaiG to fully exploit Apple's new mobile operating system. Simply put, the tech giant has simply gotten far too fast for hackers to find a workaround to its OS.

With this, one has to wonder if the age of jailbroken devices is finally over. 

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