'GTA 6' Release Date And Rumors: Rockstar Preparing Huge Surprise For Fans, VR Compatibility Imminent? [VIDEO]


Grand Theft Auto 6 is probably one of the most elusive games right now, with its developer. Rockstar Games, steadfastly refusing to announce any concrete details about the development of the game. Rumors have been around concerning the upcoming title, however, and while most are outlandish, some speculations make a lot of sense.

Take the release date of the game, for example. Since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, fans have been speculating about the possible release of Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA 5 earned a lot of money, breaking and setting records that are unlikely to be broken anytime soon. Thus, it made perfect sense for Rockstar to ensure that a follow-up title would be released.

Considering the timeline for the release date of its games, it is highly plausible that Grand Theft Auto 6 is set for a 2018 release date, seeing as the timeframe between GTA games averages at five years. Feature-wise, however, there are a number of rumors that have attracted the interest of fans immensely.

Among the most prominent of these rumors is the premise that GTA 6 will have some sort of VR support. Considering the fact that VR technology is already experiencing a boom with mainstream VR devices such as the Oculus Rift and the Google Daydream View, the notion of a GTA game having some compatibility with virtual reality is not impossible at all.

If Rockstar does release GTA 6 on 2018, there is a good chance that VR gaming technology would have already been refined to such a point that it would be a seamless gaming experience for players. Considering how immersive the GTA universe is at its current state, the possibilities offered by VR to the game are immense.

Rockstar has never been one to carelessly place features on its game for the sake of staying with the trend, however. Thus, if VR technology is still in its current state as it is today, there is an equally good chance that GTA 6 will simply be a bigger, better entry into the long-running and highly-acclaimed franchise. 

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