Nintendo NX Rumors Confirmed: Unreal Engine 4 Support, HDR Gaming, 4K Upscaling & More [VIDEO]


The Nintendo NX is arguably the most cryptic console in the gaming world right now. With only the code name of the device and a release date confirmed, Nintendo fans are eagerly awaiting any official details about the device.

In true Nintendo fashion, however, any specs or even the look of the device has been kept under wraps. With just months before the official reveal, only concept renders of the Nintendo NX have been revealed so far.

Recently, however, a series of aspects about the device might have been leaked in a Q&A session with Direct Feed Gaming. During the brief session, numerous questions about the Nintendo NX were asked, and a few answers appeared to have shed light to the device.

One thing that was made evident during the session was the fact that the Nintendo NX would not be underpowered. Compared to Nintendo's current flagship, the Wii U, the NX would be at least three to four times more powerful.

The Nintendo NX would also allegedly be very friendly to third-party developers. Thus, porting popular games from the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One would not be a very tedious task. With this in mind, numerous fans are speculating that the Nintendo NX has some form of Unreal Engine 4 support.

The Q&A also brought the issue of 4K and HDR gaming to mind, and it was alleged that the Nintendo NX would be capable of supporting the high-definition platforms. However, the insider who addressed the question in the Q&S stated that 4K and HDR gaming is not really a primary concern for Nintendo at this point.

Of course, the information from the Q&A could prove to be inaccurate. However, the premise of the Nintendo NX being able to support Unreal Engine 4 games is already enough to whet the appetite of hardcore Nintendo fans.

After all, Nintendo has long been closed to its own ecosystem, with its previous consoles being somewhat limited to games that have been created only for the gaming firm's consoles alone. Even its most successful consoles, such as the Wii, proved to be cumbersome for third-party developers.

If the Nintendo NX does end up being open to third-party developers, the machine could very well prove to be the best console Nintendo has ever released in years. With the PlayStation 4 Pro seemingly being unable to capture the attention of the console gaming market much, and with the Xbox Scorpio not due until late 2017, the Nintendo NX would have almost a whole year to dominate the market. 

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