'Big Brother: Over the Top' News: Monte Responds To America Voting To Evict Him [VIDEO]

The latest evicted houseguest on Big Brother: Over the Top speaks on America making him a Have-Not, nominating him and evicting him out of the house.

On Wednesday, Monte Massongill became the second person evicted from the Big Brother: Over the Top house. The Mississippi native did not have a particularly easy time in the house, having to deal with blowback from some of his comments this past week. America chose to make him a Have-Not, then made him the third nominee, then cast the deciding vote to send him out of the house.

Monte is now out of the house and spoke with TVGuide.com this week about his terrible final week in the house.

"That didn't feel good! But praise and blame is all the same. That's a phrase I picked up over the years," Monte said.

"When I was HOH that first week, I decided being in the shadows is not going to work since I'm HOH. I liked everyone in the house, so I thought the best move was to get the veteran out. But since the veteran was voted in by America, that obviously created a massive target on my back instantly. And since [Jason] is well known and beloved, I knew I wouldn't get the votes from America. I knew Jason had the majority vote. That's the exact reason I tried to get him out last week. If he makes it to the end, he's probably guaranteed to win. I was trying to level the playing field for the rest of the house. ... I had the house behind me. Unfortunately, Jason won the Veto. The game aspect of me was like, 'Crap! My main target won the Veto.' But on a personal level, I was happy for him."

Being out of the house now, Monte doesn't have that many hard feelings about his former housemates. He said that he is currently rooting for Morgan, Whitney and Neeley, even though the latter is on "the other side" of the house.

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