Last night, one of Donald Trump's biggest missions was to hit it off with female voters. And, as in previous debates, he was asked about his alleged history of sexual assault, which he firmly denied. He also stated, as he has before, that no one has as much respect for women as he does. OK, Donald.

Later in the evening, when discussing tax policy, Trump interjected Hillary with an insult only a man like him can make:

"Such a nasty woman!"

Naturally, Twitter took his comment and made it their battlecry.

Trump didn't realize that, by calling Clinton "a nasty woman," he not only started the greatest hashtag there ever was, but exemplified exactly what he considers a nasty woman to be: an extremely successful, powerful, take-no-crap boss woman that will do her best to raise everyone around her, but put down anyone that stands in her way.

If being "a nasty woman" is what Hillary Clinton is, then I would LOVE to one day be as nasty as her.

And, because the craftiest of us move fast, you can already get your nasty woman on.

The shirt retails for $25 and is available at Google Ghost. Better yet, 50% of all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

Seriously, don't mess with "nasty women."