Easy Halloween Outfits With Little Black Dress

Halloween is literally only a week away, and I plan on practicing the same tradition I practice every Halloween: forgetting about it until the night of, and scrambling to get something together in under two hours.

Luckily, making your own costume has never been easier. Chances are, you already have the most important component of your outfit already hidden in your closet. Namely, your little black dress.

Your favorite black dress probably already saved your skin plenty of times. You've rocked it on first dates, friends' birthdays, client dinners and for literally every occasion ever. Now, it's time to rock it as a Halloween outfit -- with some accessories, of course.

Here's how to Halloween-ify your little black dress.


This one's super easy -- the only accessories you need are cat ears, a tail and gloves. Paint whiskers on with a black eyeliner, and use it to draw a line between your nose and your top lip. Use a black lipstick of your choosing to paint your top lip and leave the bottom bare.

Twins Emoji

If neither you nor your friend have their costumes together, opt for matching LBDs, mouse or bunny ears, and basic black flats or oxfords. Voila -- twin emoji! On the downside, you'll never be able to stand apart, otherwise no one will get your costume. On the plus side, who cares?

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Thi is a classic, and you probably have every part of the outfit already hidden somewhere in your closet (except maybe the cigarette holder.) Pair your favorite black shift dress with kitten heels and a long string of pearls to wrap around your neck multiple times. Secure a topknot with a rhinestone-studded hairclip, and you're all set.

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