Looks like even beauty queens get flack for their looks.

Arna ýr Jónsdóttir, a 20-year-old pageant winner who held the Miss Iceland title, was traveling to Las Vegas for the Miss Grand International competition when she was told by event organizers that she was too fat and needed to lose weight.

Instead of taking the comments to heart, Arna resigned from the pageant altogether, where she could've won thousands of dollars in prizes. In a resignation letter sent to one of the pageant's presidents, Nawat Itsaragrisil, Arna explained her decision for leaving.

"Your staff told me that I had to loose weight for the finals because I have to much fat on me and also to [sic] big shoulders." she states. "They told me to eat less and then you would like me more."

"I decided to leave," she continues. "I've been Miss World Iceland, placed 14th after judging interview in Miss World, I won another pageant (Miss EM) and with all my qualities and good experience I come with my passion and hard work to your pageant. 4 days before stage they tell me that I'm too fat for you. Actually if anyone tells me that I'm too fat or whatever, they just don't deserve me. And that's why I left. Miss Grand International doesn't deserve my face, body, personality or heart."

Her body type, she tells Iceland Monitor, is more athletic than skinny. Her "broad" shoulders have helped her earn a spot on the Iceland national pole-vaulting team.

"Personally," she states. "I think I'm fine as I am."