Cara Delevingne Single: Model/Actress No Longer Dating Women After St. Vincent Break Up? [VIDEO]

It appears that Cara Delevingne may be deciding to try and focus her dating life elsewhere after her painful break up with St. Vincent this past summer.

According to reports after breaking up with her, and seeing her ex move on so quickly afterwards with Kristen Stewart, Delevingne is now wary of dating a woman again, and may instead try to find a guy the next time around when it comes to a relationship.

"She says she's giving up on women because they can hurt you so much more," sources told Celebs Now. " At least men are straightforward."

At the root of her feelings, the website states, are the fact that she and St. Vincent allegedly parted ways because of their hectic schedules keeping them apart and causing arguments, but the fact that St. Vincent moved on so fast with someone equally as high profile, and as busy.

"Seeing Annie moving on so quickly is a kick in the guts for Cara," the source continued. "Cara's relationship with St. Vincent was on a different level to anything that's gone before. But St. Vincent was, by Cara's own assesment, her 'first true love' and she says she's never going to get over it. Plus Kristen is something of a nemesis for Cara, as they're such different characters with differing outlooks on life."

The source maintains that while St. Vincent isn't Delevingne's first public break up with another woman, she is the first who she actually had genuine love for. Her break up with Michelle Rodriguez in 2014 didn't bother her as much because that relationship had been more about sex and having fun-and was never meant to be a serious romance.

In addition, the situation reportedly has made Delevingne more withdrawn, and she is even considering giving up fame all together, something that has her loved ones worried.

"Cara's moping and talking about giving up public life. Her family are worried as she's never been this heartbroken," the source said.

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