The 2016 presidential election is almost over, and if you want a nice distraction from the race but still feel yourself in the mood for politics, Netflix has several movie options for you!

Many have complained about how exhausting this election season has been, particularly the mudslinging between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and their various scandals. Despite some wanting this election to be over with already, it's hard to deny that politics fever is still in the air.

As always, Netflix seems to have a movie for just about everything, and politics is no exception. If you're in the mood for political lunacy or a nostalgic look back at less scary times, here are five titles for you.

In the Loop (2009)

Fans of political satire Veep should love this 2009 film, which was also written and directed by the HBO comedy's showrunner, Armando Iannucci. The film centers on American and British government officials trying to prevent a war, and all the backdoor manipulations involved in this process. Those familiar with Veep should be right at home with the amount of profanity and silliness in this Oscar-nominated film.

The West Wing (1999-2006)

Through much of its run, The West Wing gave an idealistic glimpse of what American politics could be, and what a president should be. The series is mostly told through the eyes of President Josiah Bartlet's (Martin Sheen) advisers and staffers as they deal with all manner of the political landscape, both good and bad. Key episodes include "Two Cathedrals", "Posse Comitatus" and "In Excelsis Deo".

Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013)

Lee Daniels' The Butler offers a glimpse at American history as seen through the eyes of (fictional) butler Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker), who serves eight different U.S. presidents throughout his career. The film may be a sentimental one, but it provides a nice tonic to the vulgarity of the current election.

House of Cards (2013-present)

The U.S. version of House of Cards takes politics to the extreme, with our main characters, Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) being some of the most manipulative and conniving in all of government. As Frank and Claire work their way up the political ladder, it can be fun watching their various schemes while knowing that they have no effect on our own world.

American Dreamz (2006)

The 2016 election has often been compared to a reality show, especially with the involvement of The Apprentice host himself, so American Dreamz was ahead of its time in 2006. In this film, the depressed President of the United States (Dennis Quaid) agrees to be on the American Idol-like reality show American Dreamz as terrorists plot to use this to their advantage.