Kate Middle is curious about Prince Harry's new girlfriend, American actress, Meghan Markle and is keen to meet her in one of the royal family engagements.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle started dating since May this year and the prince has already introduced her to Prince Charles and Princess Eugenie during Prince Harry's birthday on September. However, Prince Harry's prospect is yet to meet Middleton and Prince William.

In a report by Harper Bazaar, Middleton wants to know more about the 35-year old actress and what she is "all about."

Well, that desire to meet Markle may come true soon during Kate's next trip to London when they can finally meet. The trip will take place before the Royal family will go on a Caribbean tour at the end of this month, a date that coincides with one of Prince Harry's charity works.

As for the actress, she is currently busy filming the TV series Suits and would fly to London at the end of this month after the filming wraps up. Well, it is also possible that 35-year old actress' delayed flight to the UK is a clever way to avoid media attention in the heights of dating reports with the Royal family member, The Sun reports.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in the Royal family as Queen Elizabeth sides with Prince Andrew and thus giving his granddaughters Beatrice and Eugenie a role in the clan.

In a report by The Inquisitr, the Queen needs more royals, in addition to her team of five including Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, to facilitate the duties of her 600 charities and special charities.

It can be remembered that the "blood princesses" used to enjoy the luxuries of the Royal family since birth but that stopped six years ago when the two were criticized for their "round-the-clock police protection" that costs a hefty sum £500,000 a year from taxpayers. Aside from that issue, the two were also advised to look for jobs to support their lives.