Apple halts iPhone 7 SE update

Rumors surfaced around the internet that Apple has apparently canceled the launching of the SE version of iPhone 7, contrary to what it usually did to its previous iPhone models.

Apple's security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo disclosed this interesting piece of information regarding tech giant's future plans in the smartphone category.

As the rumor mill churns for the apparent release of iPhone 7 SE in 2017, it was apparently shut down with Kuo's cancellation announcement.

Although it may not seem like a big deal, others believed it to be massive as Apple accordingly removed an entire set of road on their path to success, according to Forbes.

This does bring up some interesting theories as to why Apple decided to halt the SE. It is highly possible that Apple canceled the SE model update to continue its boosted sale for the iPhone 7 series.

The SE is quite the catch. If it is released before the hype of the iPhone 7 dies, it could greatly reduce the potential sale of iPhone 7.

The SE, a small sized iPhone with a very powerful computer, is for people who love the power of the phone over the size of it. It was introduced back in 2015 and has been proven to be quite the phone.

The best Apple can do is to let iPhone 7 live out its hype. According to Game N Guide, the iPhone SE device could be canceled yet there is no rumor about it being postponed. 

It could be possible that something trivial may be released in 2017 and the SE may come later. 

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