"Kong: Skull Island" New movie sequel of King Kong

"Kong:Skull Island" is an upcoming American action-adventure monster film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and written by Max Borenstein and John Gatins. The movie is one of the spectacular installments of the "King Kong" franchise and it will be a sequel in Legendary's "Godzilla-Kong" film series. The movie will hit the big screen on March 2017.Some of the lead stars in this upcoming film include Tom Hiddleston,Brie Larson, and Samuel L. Jackson.

According to the report posted on Cosmic Booknews , the plot of the movie is about a group of voyagers who are exploring a deep and uncharted island in the Pacific.As their journey continues, they are not aware that their group is disturbing the mhytic Kong,a gorilla who lives in the island. 

In another report posted by MovieWeb, the first trailer for the movie was released by Warner Bros.just a few days ago and expected to release another trailer on November 16. The first trailer shows a bigger King Kong than the usual.Netizens are seeing some footages from the upcoming monster action movie. In that footages, King Kong is holding a helicopter with his two bare hands.

This latest movie installment of King Kong is featuring the largest ape of all the other King Kong movies. Speculations are spreading online that the creators of the film created the biggest King Kong in lieu of King Kong and Godzilla's face off on the big screen in the year 2020. 

The creators of the movie said that this upcoming King Kong film will surely make the moviegoers happy especially those who are fond of watching action and monster films. The film has a lot of new and modern special props and effects. The cinematography is superb and the script is well -written.The movie will absolutely be a monsterrific film around the globe in 2017. 

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