Britney Spears has released her sensual new music video for "Slumber Party" featuring R&B star Tinashe.

Spears exudes sexual confidence in the video for "Slumber Party", the second single off her ninth studio album, Glory. The video features Spears entering a huge mansion filled with young, attractive people clearly looking to do more than just sleep at this "slumber party". The pop star fiercely makes her way through the mansion and writhes on the couch provocatively.

Tinashe then enters the scene and things only escalate from here. Spears and Tinashe flirt and touch each other playfully as the lights in the room change color rapidly. Soon, there's chalk in various colors flying through the air, more people have joined them and it's a huge mess.

Spears previously commented on the video in an interview with Extra's Mario Lopez, citing the 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut as a primary influence.

"We just did the video and it's kind of like a younger 'Eyes Wide Shut' theme," she said. "It's a little risky. It very sexy. It's very moody. It's fun!"

The film stars Tom Cruise as a young doctor living in New York who discovers his wife (Nicole Kidman) was thinking about cheating on him the previous year. He then embarks on a night of bizarre psychosexual intrigue as he attends a secret society's masked orgy.

Spears' video is certainly less extreme and explicit that Eyes Wide Shut, but it does push the boundaries in a way we haven't seen from the pop star in quite some time.

"Slumber Party" is being released on the radio next Tuesday, so it remains to be seen if Spears will rack up another hit. "Make Me...", the debut single off Glory, peaked at no. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and enjoyed a solid run on the radio.