Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been dating secretly since June this year. Despite efforts to keep it a secret, media sources always found a way to cause trouble in their relationship with the latest report saying that the prince is caught cheating with another woman that may cause the split of the lovebirds soon.

It was a candid encounter when Prince Harry went on an unannounced community visit in a village called Vermont of St. Vincent. His visit, though, still attracted lots of attention from the locals who crowded around him. At that time, a 54-year old avid fan, Avis Collis, approached the prince and bravely said, "I love you" to him.

And, according to Mirror, the 32-year old prince candidly answered back saying "I love you" to the villager.

Avis, went on saying she is 'single' and 'available' and handed her phone number to the media sources hoping the prince would call him.

Who would ever knew that the friendly exchange would then become an object of gossip among tabloids that believed that like any of his past relationships, Prince Harry's romance with the Suits actress will not last.

The split rumors heightened when it was reported Prince Charles and his wife, the former Camilla Parker-Bowles and Queen Elizabeth do not approve of the American actress' entry to the Royal family, Morning News USA reported.

Firstly, Camilla think that Markle will be another commoner in the aristocratic family in addition to Kate Middleton. She reportedly pointed out the likelihood that Merkle got into a relationship with Prince Harry to take advantage of the family's influence and wealth. And, rumors said that Camilla and Queen Elizabeth had already considered 'enough embarrassment to last a lifetime' and thus they are not willing to accept additional burden in their clan.

Also, Markle's previous marriage and divorce with producer and talent manager Trevor Engelson is a big turn off to them.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry deviated from the Royal family norms when he previously issued a statement to the press asking them to give his girlfriend 'a few months' of space from being a hot item in the tabloids, according to

Later on, Prince William issued a separate statement stating his disagreement on Harry's 'emotional statement.' However, in the end, he supported the stance of his 'hot-headed' brother requesting the press to respect his privacy.