'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Update: Why Elite Four Battle Is Out Of This World! [VIDEO]

Pokemon Sun and Moon was released a few weeks ago. This is not enough time for most people to already have finished the game. However, there are always a batch of hardcore Pokemon fans who will take less than a few days to complete everything.

Kotaku mentions that right now, quite a number of videos and images have been popping up all over the internet about how they finished the game. One of the more surprising things people talk about is the final battles of the Elite Four. It is something really impressive, even for a Pokemon master.

The basic mechanics of Pokemon games go through a very logical and repeated process. First one has to catch a Pokemon. Then, they have to visit various towns and defeat the Gym Leaders of each town. Each Gym will have a specific type theme.

Once they have beaten all 8 Gyms, they are now qualified to enter the Pokemon Championship. Then, they have to go through four of the hardest trainers in that game called the Elite Four. The Elite Four are harder because their pokemon are of a higher level, and they do not follow one specific type so they have less weaknesses.

Afterwards, once all the Elite Four members are beaten and the pokemon are not healed yet, one has to battle the Pokemon Champion. Once they have beaten them, they become the Champion. However, in the case of Pokemon Sun and Moon, something else happens afterwards.

According to Jobs N Hire, after that, one is challenged by a really young boy of about 7 or 8 years of age called Tristan. Tristan challenges the player who is the Pokemon Champion of the Alola Region. Tristan has pokemon which circulates around the 50s of levels.

So, what is the interesting part? Tristan is only able to challenge the champion once he has done everything else. This means that he beat all 8 gyms as well as the Elite 4 with fairly moderate pokemon.

The interesting part is that the first person the player meets in the game is the same young Tristan. However, during then, Tristan has no knowledge about Pokemon moves and is struggling to even choose moves.

But in the same time as it took the experienced player to be the champion, Tristan was even better and came in close second place even though he was inexperienced.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is available now on Nintendo 3DS.

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