Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman Married: Singer Maintains He & His Wife 'Don't Like To Be Apart' Ahead Of Holidays [VIDEO]

They've been the subject of several split rumors for months, after they allegedly went two months without seeing one another, but now Keith Urban is once again addressing the fact that he and Nicole Kidman are sometimes forced to be apart, but it isn't something they like to do.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph (via The Daily Mail), Urban revealed that their 10-year-marriage was still going strong, and discussed that sometimes their careers kept them apart, but they don't always want to have things work out that way, and they tried to limit time apart as much as they could.

"I don't want to be apart from her so we don't tend to be apart very much," he said. "That is not something we work on, it is just something we love to do."

However, he admits they are in the midst of a separation neither one hoped would be as long as it will be, because he is on his Ripcrod tour in Australia, while she works on a movie in New Orleans, Louisiana, and they may be apart for longer than expected.

"This will be the longest stretch because she is filming in New Orleans and the shoot is longer than expected," he said.

As was previously mentioned, the pair have battled split rumors the last few months, after the initial report they hadn't seen each other for so long. They have also made a number of public appearances since then, at the InStyle Awards, CMAs, and some of Kidman's premieres for her movie Lion.

Rumors also claimed they had entered a rehab retreat in a "last-ditch" effort to save their marriage.

Urban has since spoken out about the rumors, slamming the endless reports and speculation and saying that things were often made up because when he and Kidman are able to be together, they spend their time in Nashville, out of the public eye, which makes their lives private and leads to the rumors.

"The fact that we live somewhere where we are not being photographed all the time, the fact that we are not documenting every single thing that we do as a family, we are very private people, it makes you-it makes it possible for people to make up that stuff because you are not alwaus there to defend it," he said at the time.

"But then you get angry, 'Like why do I have to defend this?' The people who come and see us they don't read that stuff. It is gibberish," he added.

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