'Wonder Woman' Movie: Patty Jenkins Reveals How Gal Gadot's Character Will Be Presented [VIDEO]

Director Patty Jenkins has a lot of pressure to present a compelling and strong version of Wonder Woman in her 2017 film.

Jenkins is directing Wonder Woman, DC's first attempt at bringing the iconic superhero to the big screen in her own movie. The director acknowledged in a new Hollywood Reporter piece that taking on this project was a "huge amount of responsibility," but also discussed what kind of superhero fans should expect to see onscreen in 2017.

"It also was important to me to make sure she was as vulnerable, loving and warm as she should be. It's important for her to be multidimensional," the director noted, though she certainly wants to highlight her strengths: "She's as beautiful as any woman and as strong as any man. That, to me, is so enduring. There have been so few female characters like that - who weren't small, niche characters or sidekicks. She's a full-blown superhero who lives up to all of your dreams in every way."

Moviegoers have already gotten a taste of Wonder Woman on the big screen in this year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with Gal Gadot in the iconic role. Her presence in the film, while short, was critically acclaimed at the time and now, Gadot is taking on her own responsibility of portraying the best yet most complex version of Wonder Woman to date.

Jenkins is very aware of what the Wonder Woman film means in today's political climate, with the hero at the center fighting for something other than chaos and disruption.

"It's been incredible to make something about a superhero that stands for a message of fighting for a loving, thoughtful government, especially in this current climate," Jenkins said. "It's been a special process to make something with the beautiful message that it's difficult to be a hero and stay kind and thoughtful in everything that you do. There's going to be a lot of conversation about her being a woman in these times, but I think the greatest part about the character is that she's so much bigger than all of that."

Wonder Woman is scheduled for release in theaters on June 2, 2017.

Watch the official trailer for Wonder Woman below:

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