NBA Trade Rumors: Hassan Whiteside To Los Angeles Lakers, Jordan Clarkson To Miami Heat [VIDEO]

NBA trade rumors are gaining steam again as the NBA trade deadline is fast approaching. Reports are saying that a possible trade deal between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat could be in the works right now with Hassan Whiteside and Jordan as part of the rumored deal.

Whiteside has been phenomenal for the Heat this season. After Dwyane Wade left the team last summer and Chris Bosh was not cleared to play because of his health condition, Whiteside and Goran Dragic carry most of the load for the Heat. Now that the Heat is struggling early this season, buzz are rumbling that he might be traded by the team in the coming days.

As for Clarkson, he had stellar performance last season. From being a bench player, he work and played hard to earn a spot on the starting lineup for the Lakers last year. But this season, new Lakers coach Luke Walton decide to assign him again as a second stringer behind D'Angelo Russell and Nick Young.

Now, reports are speculating that a brewing talk between the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers have been the hot topic as of late. According to TravelersToday, the Heat and the Lakers are two proud franchise with a winning tradition that is now fighting for their season this early. And in order to salvage their campaign, a trade deal between two teams is now looming.

Trade scenario is saying that Hassan Whiteside will head West to join the Lakers while Jordan Clarkson will be going to South Beach to join the Heat. Will this trade benefit both teams and boost their lineup?

The Lakers might likely say yes on this trade as Whiteside will definitely enhance their center spot and a better upgrade for Timofey Mozgov while Russell, Young and Lou Williams will fill in the gap in the absence of Clarkson.

On the hand, the Heat might say no and think twice on this trade. Though Clarkson will be a big boost on their backcourt, Whiteside will leave a big hole in the middle for them and there is no other player to replace him. It is highly likely that they will pull the plug on this trade.

Aside from that, the trade will not work under NBA trade rules and salary cap policy as per checking with ESPN NBA Trade Machine. Therefore, moving Hassan Whiteside and Jordan Clarkson is not plausible both for the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers.

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