Valerie Fairman, who appeared on an episode of the second season of MTV's 16 and Pregnant, died of a suspected drug overdose last week and days ago, Farrah Abraham weighed in on the tragic turn of events.

Following the reality star's death, which left her 7-year-old daughter without a mother, Abraham, who tragically lost her former boyfriend, Derek Underwood, before the birth of her 7-year-old daughter, Sofia, voiced her thoughts.

"I've been so hurt by that all day. Valerie is so gorgeous. She's so pretty and her daughter is just so amazing," Abraham said in a statement to Us Weekly"It really hurts me. Just like Sophia's dad, who was just surrounded by people, even though you're using drugs. It's such an experimental time from our teens to our 20s. I'm not judging anyone who is recreational [with their drug use] because we all may do that, just some people don't live through it."

"Some people don't have the right surroundings to help get them through an experimental time or a tough time," she continued. "I didn't really speak to her, but all I know is it really hurt me because, you know, I thought to myself, 'What if Sophia never had me?'"

"I'm really sad that Valerie didn't have other supportive people around her to help yank her away from drugs or any of that depression or whatever she was going through and her struggles as a teen mom," Abraham added. "It hurt me and obviously I wish her family happy holidays and condolences for Valerie because it's really sad and really hurtful."