Jennifer Lawrence seems to be livid that her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky is chasing Charlize Theron.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the celebrities became close several months ago, when they were seen together in New York City. She called the director 'a visionary.' However, what raised some doubts was their huge age gap. But now the two have issues of a completely different sort, as she feels that he is focusing on another leading lady.

As Daily Disruptions put it, "The work of a celebrity is a tedious one.Their relationships are also just as difficult to keep private as their private lives. Some relationships get so tangled into one another that new couples just happen."

Recent reports say that Darren is trying to team up with blonde beauty Charlize Theron "both professionally and personally." Hence, Darren hopes that Charlize will work with him for his latest film, which has totally enraged Jennifer.

Earlier reports said that Jennifer hoped Darren would give her a role in an upcoming movie. It has been whispered that "Jennifer likes to date men with connections."

Yet, there are also reports that Darren has a pretty long history of teaming up with leading ladies, so it isn't Jennifer Lawrence who is his first or last actress. He was interested in Charlize Theron even a couple of years ago while she was dating ex-boyfriend Sean Penn. However, now that Charlize is single, he is trying to make her his leading lady in a number of ways.

It is not yet clear whether Jennifer Lawrence has broken up with Darren or not. While she has been promoting her new movie, Passengers with co-star Chris Pratt, Darren is working on his latest project in Hollywood.

There have been no comments from Charlize Theron, meanwhile, about whether she is on the same page with Darren or not. Meanwhile, Gossip Cop calls all the rumors completely untrue.

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