Tesla CEO Elon Musk Has Morgan Stanley Analyst Guessing About Tesla Model 3 Updates [Video]

During an investor affair at Nevada's Gigafactory just recently, Elon Musk has tackled the undertakings involving the production of battery packs at the said site. Although the South African-born engineer has provided clues about his plans, he declined to answer inquiries about the Model 3.

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas has pressed the CEO but got a general reply in return. Instead, Musk has said that it is vital to put the soon-to-be released car on powder dry status.

The statement has apparently signified that there is a need to prepare for immediate eventualities. Within this context, it is likely that the Tesla founder is referring to another event that is slated during the first quarter of 2017 for the Model 3.

Tesla has taken the time to reveal what it has been up to in relation to the development of its newest brand. In March last year, the prototypes of the Model 3 have been shared.

By September 2016, the tech manufacturing organization is still busy dealing with the beta phase. Around this time of the year, observers are already anticipating the final design of the vehicle which is yet to be finished.

With regards to the launching date of the Model 3, Musk has simply emphasized that its production is going smoothly at the Gigafactory. Aside from the battery pack, the electric motor, the drivetrain and the power electronics are also being manufactured at the plant.

Although Musk's answer to Jonas's questions needs a lot to be desired, the tech-driven businessman has underscored the manufacturing of vulnerable elements such as the stamping dies for the body panels and seats.

As expectations continue to mount, potential buyers are keen in getting a glimpse about the Model 3's mechanical specifications considering the safety issues that come with tech-powered cars. In addition, observers are also out to acquire more data about the vehicle's efficiency judging from the fact that it is the most affordable Tesla unit to date.

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