Apple fans and enthusiasts are definitely not thrilled. The Cupertino-based tech giant has bungled its judgement with regards to the AirPod earphones.

Users and potential buyers have a reason to get angry at Tim Cook's organization considering that the company has buried a helpful app that will supposedly trace the whereabouts of a misplaced AirPod.

Until recently, Apple has failed to provide an explanation about its move to restrict the availability of its locator app. Given the considerable cost of the item, users definitely want an explanation.

On the average, AirPods are worth around $160. These are often lost due to their small size.

For a manufacturer to deny accessibility towards a beneficial program is not to the best interests of its clients. Such approach will only bring negative repercussions which is why the immediate reaction is nothing short of infuriation.

The issue, which emerged back in September last year, can only complicate matters between Apple and its legion of followers. Apparently, this will put the firm in a bad light since the situation suggests that the company has no intention of helping people find their missing AirPods.

The application named Finder of AirPods is especially helpful in tracking lost earphones through the Bluetooth signal that the device sends out. A Reddit sequence initiated by studio developer Deucks Pty Ltd. has revealed that Apple branded the locator program as unsuitable for the App Store.

The truth is the AirPod Finder has acquired a sensational recognition until it dropped out of the picture. Apparently, the Cupertino-based group does not like the idea of a fix system to be hanging around.

It must be noted that replacing the earphone is a bit of a fortune since Apple imposes a $69-charge for just one piece of the audio accessory.

What is even more disturbing is the headline being bannered by CEO Tim Cook. It has stated that the tech firm will go wireless in the future. This means that the AirPods will be a vital part of that plan. However, if people think that the costs for the earphone will go down, it is likely that they're mistaken.

During the Yuletide season, the price of the Airpods increased due to shortages in supplies. As of late, it remains uncertain whether Apple will be introducing an app to locate its own product.